Make Powdered Alcohol

The main ingredient when making powdered alcohol is Tapioca Maltodextrin.

Precisely what is Tapioca Maltodextrin?

Tapioca Maltodextrin is a light weight bulking agent based from tapioca starch that has little perceptible flavor. When mixed alongside fat, it has already the ability to take in it, modifying the fat into a powder like substance. Further adding to the "dehydrated fat illusion," the maltodextrin disappears virtually rather quickly with regards into contact by way of a small amount of dampness. This feeling many notably occurs whenever a dehydrated fat is placed in your mouth; the saliva dissolves the maltodextrin exiting behind only the fat, that gives the impression that it's "rehydrating" in return to its original form.

A video demonstrating the use of Tapioca Maltodextrin when making powdered alcohol: