Alcohol (Palcohol) Powder for Sale

Imagine taking alcohol anywhere with you without the need to carry the liquid in a cumbersome bottle or flask. Take alcohol into otherwise forbidden places such as concerts and festivals. It's also great for stoing at home without having large bottles everywhere taking up space.

Alcohol powder is going to revolutionise the way we take alcohol. It can be consumed with water or you could just swallow it and even snort it!

Ways Alcohol Powder can be taken:

  • Alcohol powder is added to water to make an alcoholic drink which can be flavoured.
  • Alcohol powder can be taking orally which is useful to stop the burning taste of┬áspirits.
  • Nebulizer: Alcohol powder produced with specific attributes to let the powder be put through a nebulizer essentially letting the user inhale the powder.

Alcohol Powder